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Executive Speaking Experience

An Intensive, Two-Day Speaking Course
A powerful, personal, interactive program focused on public speaking and presentation skills for individuals

Learn how to deal with anxiety and develop poise and presence, prepare for different audiences and gain confidence in your own personal style. Get hands-on, interactive exercises, personalized one-on-one coaching, and written evaluations through ten or more videotaped practice sessions. Develop audience connection, real-time response and buy-in. You’ll learn how to handle confrontational issues and respond to Q & A with authority. It’s one-on-one coaching and critiquing with a true “laboratory” approach.  All of it allows you to practice and think on your feet.

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Lynda’s workshop is not a lecture; it is an exercise that conditions people to handle communication under stress. If speaking to ten or ten thousand, her coaching builds confidence and the skills to carry it off. We have been sending our key people to Lynda for over twenty years.

Terry Lindley, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, American AgCredit

I’ve always been a bit intimidated about public speaking (my father was a highly respected speaker, you know what that can do to an offspring’s confidence.). So when I mustered up the courage to go to Lynda Paulson’s Executive Speaker’s Experience I wasn’t sure what I was in for. I can tell you it was an exceptional professional adventure! She works with a small group of only 6 people and does video!! The video quickly became a valued tool. Just like with skiing , it is incredibly helpful to see your mannerisms and bearing. I watched others grow and I literally was able to watch my own progress. We all walked away with more authentic style and confidence. Lynda Paulson, owner and coach, …I highly recommend her workshop. We’re an industry of direct communication. Everyone can use some more confidence and polish…I recommend taking advantage of this unique training opportunity.

Colby Smith, Executive Director, CANVAS
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Learn How To

  • Deal with anxiety and develop poise and presence
  • Prepare for different audiences
  • Gain confidence in your own personal style

Limited to six participants, this two-day workshop provides hands-on, interactive exercises, personalized one-on-one coaching, and written evaluations through ten or more videotaped practice sessions. Attendees graduate having dramatically improved their speaking skills and confidence.


  • Get audience connection, real-time response and buy-in
  • Learn to handle confrontational issues and respond to Q & A with authority
  • Get one-on-one coaching and critiquing with a true “laboratory” approach
  • Practice with responding to all-important Q and A and thinking on your feet
  • Learn breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Tips on organizing and presenting fact-filled, persuasive content
  • A binder jam-packed with tips, resources, guidelines and articles
  • Follow-up for upcoming speaking events
  • Lynda Paulson’s popular book, The Executive Persuader
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Executive Speaking Experience Content

Our two-day course covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Click on any of the subjects below for details.

Learn techniques to conquer pre-speech butterflies and anxiety.
Using videotaped practice sessions as a tool, learn what to look for in yourself and others. Are gestures natural? Do you make eye contact? Is your opening strong? What can you learn from the speaker’s voice, appearance and facial expressions?
Learn how to prepare your speech for a specific audience. What do you need to know about them? What expectations do they have?
Learn various techniques for opening and closing your dynamic talk using anecdotes, a joke, a story, a famous quote. Learn how each is received by the audience and which may be most appropriate for your own style and the specific audience.
Some think you can merely look over the heads of your audience to make them think you’re looking at the person behind them. But in this course we teach how to make genuine eye contact with audience members that doesn’t feel intimidating. Learn how to make audience members feel you’re talking just to them.
Managing handouts, flip charts and slide decks well is a crucial component of a successful presentation. Learn the best ways to handle paper while giving your speech, easily turning flip chart pages and when and how to use slides.
The greatest of speeches can be undermined if the audience can’t hear you or can’t see you blocked by an oversize lectern. Learn the tips ‘n’ tricks for working with AV equipment and lecterns.
The most successful speeches are those at which you obtain audience buy-in for your ideas. Learn how to construct your argument with literary devices, statistics, stories and other tools.
Learn the steps involved to prepare a great presentation or speech. What preparatory tools are needed? Research? How to organize your thoughts and ideas. How to rehearse.
Now that you’re well rehearsed and prepared, what are the other important logistics to prepare for? Early arrival. Familiarity with the room, equipment, lighting. How to behave while guests arrive. Asking questions after the speech. Thanking the audience. Follow up.
How to introduce a speaker. Giving (or receiving) an award. Making a toast. Reading a manuscript. Working with Teleprompters. Interviews with the Media. On camera.
How to manage Q&A sessions. Ways to remain respectful in answering questions. Techniques to handle objections or hostile interviewers.

Questions on the course content? Give Lynda Paulson a call at 775.530.6119 to learn more.

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Executives. CEOs. Politicians. Engineers. Scientists. Inspirational Speakers. Managers.

  • Those suffering from on-stage butterflies, knocking knees and fear of floundering
  • Inspirational coaches, CEOs, CFOs and CMOs
  • Speakers who feel they’re not connecting well enough with audiences
  • Sales executives looking to polish their communication and presentation skills
  • Those seeking careers in politics and public speaking
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Public workshops are held in Napa Valley, CA. Private classes are wherever the client wants them.

The classes are offered once a month September-May.

Yes; the process works. You will be more comfortable and confident with your own personal style.

Because it is an experience not just a lecture you will feel and be truly changed.


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Join more than 600 wineries and 100s of business leaders who’ve graduated from our courses

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