Executive Speaking Experience Workshops

Discover the joy of speaking at a Two-Day Speaking Workshop with Lynda Paulson
one of the foremost executive speaking coaches in the country

A powerful, personal, interactive program focused on public speaking and presentation skills for individuals


What to expect in an Executive Speaking Experience workshop: 

  • Two full days: a rich, intensive and personal learning experience in a supportive environment
  • Limited to six participants, each of whom receive lots of individual attention and speech coaching
  • At least 10 personal video taping sessions followed
    by evaluations
  • One-on-one coaching and critiquing with a true “laboratory” approach
  • Practice with responding to all-important Q and A and thinking on your feet
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Tips on organizing and presenting fact-filled, persuasive content
  • Written pages of personalized, constructive feedback to take home
  • A binder jam-packed with tips, resources, guidelines and articles
  • Follow-up for upcoming speaking events
  • Lynda Paulson’s popular book, The Executive Persuader
  • Ask any graduate of the Executive Speaking Experience—you will enjoy a remarkable transformation!

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Discover the joy of speaking at a Two-Day Speaking Workshop with Lynda Paulson

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