Private Speech Coaching with Lynda Paulson

At a company meeting or a big convention, the powerful speaker becomes the star, the person who is remembered, the one who gets ahead.

Many of these stars are Lynda Paulson’s private coaching clients — corporate executives and professionals from all over the world — who improved their careers by learning to become dynamic speakers and effective presenters in Success Strategies seminars and workshops.

Step-by-step from preparation to presentation, you will learn how to cash in on the power of your personal style, think on your feet and orchestrate every appearance for maximum response.

A time of intense focus, a private coaching session will prepare you for a specific presentation, or for a series of upcoming appearances or meetings.

“I was surprised and ever so grateful when 350 people simultaneously jumped to their feet offering the most heart warming applause after my City of Hope inspirational speech. Thank you Lynda!”

Marie, Principal, Marie Gewirtz Public Relations

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