The Executive PersuaderThe Executive PersuaderStep by step, Lynda Paulson’s book will lead you to new confidence as a speaker. In business meetings, in front of a large audience and working with the media, you’ll become the dynamic speaker who gets response.

“…practical solutions to improve virtually every speaker.” Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator

“ …a must read for anyone—at any level of experience.” Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of People Smart


Success Strategies Jam-packed into one easy-to-read, entertaining book are the secrets of buyer motivation, buying signals, team selling and the power of “extra.” This revised edition has action plans for each chapter to put theory into practice.

“This book has changed selling from just a job to a rewarding career for thousands. I’ve personally watched productivity and team spirit soar.”
Rudolph L. Hirsch, Senior Vice-President Federated Department Stores

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