Why Success Strategies?

Success Strategies offers a number of unique services:

Unlike any other coach or trainer, Lynda Paulson engages with each participant throughout the class in a manner that resonates and aids each student at his or her comfort and skill level. Lynda maintains an intimate, non-intimidating class environment. Some of her unique workshop features include:

  • A supportive, very personalized workshop
  • Focused attention on individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Experimentation and practice throughout the class
  • Videotaping participants multiple times (ESE classes only) to aid in accelerating skill improvement
  • Critique, evaluation and review by the coach and peers
  • An abundant “take-home” package of materials and resources
  • Follow-up for important presentations after workshops
  • Options to enhance training with onsite and phone mystery shopping, website shopping and more

“We have been sending employees to Lynda Paulson’s public speaking courses for over 25 years. In every case, I see a marked improvement in the confidence, delivery and style of the individual’s public speaking skills. Shy people learn to become more engaging and self assured, and the more gregarious types hone their presentation style so they are more professional and effective overall. I personally have benefited from Lynda’s training on several occasions, and am forever grateful for the tools she has given me. Her classes are fun, dynamic and life changing. I would highly recommend Success Strategies to any organization looking to improve the effectiveness of their team.”

Kim Stare Wallace, President, Dry Creek Vineyard, CA

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