Winery Hospitality and Relationship Sales Training

wineglassWhat if your Hospitality Team created a lasting customer with every pour? How many visitors leave your winery with great memories, AND bottles of your wine?

How many recommend your tasting room experience to their friends and colleagues?

How many join your wine club on-the-spot?

Our Winery Hospitality & Relationship Sales Training Workshop will improve the tasting room experience of every one of your guests, while dramatically improving your bottom line. We teach your hospitality staff to be gracious hosts and hostesses, and to sell more wine in a way that will turn visitors into lifetime customers.

By investing in your Winery Hospitality and Tasting Room staff, you ensure more profitable, sustainable wine sales and customer loyalty.


CoppolaThe Winery Hospitality & Relationship Sales Training Workshop builds these sales and people skills:

  • Creating a pleasurable experience for tasting room guests through improved, engaging
    attitudes & behavior
  • Establishing customer rapport & achieving a high level of comfort for the visitor
  • Asking the right questions and engaging tasting room guests in conversation
  • Reading verbal and non-verbal wine buying signals
  • Closing wine sales and wine club memberships, amiably
  • Building a small wine purchase into a larger one, for which the buyer thanks you!
  • Translating the “facts” about your wines into reasons to buy
  • Calming complaints & handling inquiries about what you charge for wine tasting
  • Mastering the tasting room training tips gained in the workshop
  • Changing casual wine tasters into lasting relationships and club members
  • Let us show you how to keep our training fresh and alive with our “Train The Trainer” sessions

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