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An executive speech coach for over twenty years, Lynda Paulson with Success Strategies is renowned for teaching public speaking and executive presentation skills to professionals, management, and individuals from every walk of life.

Success Strategies, Inc., has been offering training and coaching in public speaking, sales and presentation skills for more than 35 years.

Clients at more than 600 wineries in California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Canada and Europe have taken Success Strategies’ training courses, as well as clients from large corporations such as AT&T, American Express, Anheuser Busch, Disney Corporation and more.

“Lynda Paulson brings an awesome amount of personal energy and preparation into these two intensive days. Her teaching technique is an ideally balanced combination of self-challenge, group participation and individual reward.”

Joseph Phelps, CEO, Joseph Phelps Vineyard, St. Helena, CA

Make more sales and gain wine club members through our Winery Hospitality Sales Training class skills

Executive Speaking Experience Workshops

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Winery Hospitality Sales Training Workshops

Available in both public and private classes

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Personal Coaching

One-on-one private training in sale techniques or to prepare a keynote address tailored to your specific needs and talents

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Apply your unique personality to the art of relationship selling
Understand the various verbal and non-verbal buying signals and how to respond to them
Learn how to deal with difficult people with poise and (and turn them around)!
Go beyond being a wine “educator”—sell the benefits!




Lynda R. Paulson has been a renowned public speaking and communication skills coach for more than 35 years. Her published books include Success Strategies for Retail Selling, and The Executive Persuader: How to Be a Powerful Speaker.

About Lynda Paulson

“Your workshop was an unqualified success…sales and wine club conversion are high. If only we had done it sooner! Thanks for teaching us that ‘facts tell, stories sell.”

John Morris, Tasting Room Manager, Tablas Creek Vineyard

“I am a more effective speaker, a more creative speech writer, more at ease in delivering a message before a microphone, before a camera, and using a myriad of visual aids. I have even overcome my own personal monster—intimidation by the media. Thank you Lynda Paulson—The Public Person’s Miracle Worker!”

Sally Jordan, Jordan Vineyard & Winery

Achieve greater success by mastering public speaking and sales training skills taught in our courses!

“I am happy to report that we doubled our wine club sign up goal after the workshop. We are off to a great start!”

Nicole Pattalochi, Director of Hospitality, Archery Summit Winery

“Public speaking is both an art and science. While professional techniques and tips are important to know, there is another important aspect to expressing ourselves to a group of people. Whether the goal is to inform, persuade, entertain or inspire, what we usually want to do more than anything else is to make people feel comfortable and interested in our message.”

Lynda Paulson Executive Speaking Coach and Sales Trainer, Success Strategies, Inc.

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I wish I’d had it years ago! Mandatory for anyone who communicates for a living.

Stephen R. CoveyAuthor of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People